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Pet N Pet Compostable Waste Bags

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Compostable poop bags is a choice for a green and ethical future, replacing plastic bags with our more sustainable compostable bags. Because they are vegetable-based they are safe for the environment and an excellent alternative to regular polyethylene bags.

Our dog poop Bag scent-free have a silky feel yet are durable and tear-proof and don't stick to each other making them easy to separate. Thick, tough and totally leak-proof, keeping contents and odour inside


  • PET N PET 100% compostable bags and biodegradable poop bags made from cornstarch bio-based material which means they can be composted in municipal and industrial aerobic composting facilities where pet waste is accepted.Highest Eco-Certified by US ASTM D6954 and Euro EN13432 standards.
  • Dog waste bags are vegetable-based contains No polyethylene plastic, which is 100% Eco-Friendly.
  • Our dog poop bags can break down and decompose to Carbon dioxide and water in just 90-180 days. PET N PET Compostable Dog Poop Bags are a great option for environment-conscience pet parents.
  • Doggy bags with a unique tear perforation and "Open" arrow, easy to tear off, open and detach from the roll
  • 240 refill compostable poop bags for dogs, 22.5x33cm flat bottom, standard size, fits most dispensers